Central PA Friends of Jazz


 CPFJ Hall of Fame Inductees:


    Albert Murray

   Ira Sullivan

1993     Joe Intrieri

   Sam Banks

   Bill Fisher

   Bill Martin

   Frank Scott

   Russ Sumpman

   Ron Waters

   Willie Wollenhaupt


   Steve Bagby

   Reuben Brown

   Jim Lawson

   Robert Matthews

   Reuel Ryman

1998    Helen Moore (Lucky 7 proprietor) 

   Al Grey

   Vernon Welsh

   Russ Neff

   Steve Rudolph

   Jack Snavely

   Lee Swartz 


   Rufus Reid

   Evelyn O Phoenix

   Kathy Rickert

   Keith Thomas


   Cal Collins

   Steve Patton  


   Ray Brown

   Byron James Wood 


   Frank Paul

   Bunny Hottenstein

   Elvin Jones

   Jimmy Heath


   Percy Heath

   Joe Diorio

   Mike Binsky


   Johnny Frigo

   John Hicks

   Valery Ponomarev

   Wilma Soliday


   Clark Terry

   Michael Brecker

   Don Sendi

   Rosemary Light

   Dave Lazorcik


  Dennis Irwin

   Dave Liebman

   Tim Warfield

   Chris Santiago 

   John Scott

   Joanne Thomas


   Cathy Chemi Stine

   Anita O'Day 


   Jim Miller

   Katie Rudolph

   Tom Strohman 










1992    Albert Murray, novelist/essayist/historian

Ira Sullivan, multi-instrument musician


1993    Joe Intrieri, past president/executive director


1994    Sam Banks, drums

Bill Fisher, guitar

Bill Martin, photographer

Frank Scott, sax

Russ Sumpman, trombone

Willie Wollenhaupt, piano

Ron Waters, trumpet/piano/youth band director


1995    Steve Bagby, drums

Reuben Brown, piano

Jim Lawson, promoter

Robert Matthews, board member/writer

Reuel Ryman, piano/organ


1998    Helen Moore, Lucky 7 jazz promoter


2000    Al Grey, composer/teacher/trombonist - long time trombonist w/Count Basie Big Band

Vernon Welsh, guitarist/promoter

                                        CPFJ Founding Fathers

Russ Neff, writer/broadcaster

Steve Rudolph, pianist/composer/teacher - past president/executive director

Jack Snavely, financial adviser/past president

Lee Swartz, attorney/past president


2001    Rufus Reid, master bass player/composer/educator

Evelyn O. Phoenix, retired from Department of Welfare - CPFJ volunteer

Kathy Rickert, admin. officer, Department of Education - CPFJ volunteer

Keith Thomas, psychiatric technician - CPFJ volunteer


2002    Cal Collins, master guitar player, composer/educator

Steve Patton, builder/producer/passionate lover of jazz


2003    Ray Brown (1926-2002), legendary bass player, composer/producer, most prolific jazz

            recording artist to date, Grammy Award

Jimmy Wood, pianist/composer/teacher


2004    Elvin Jones (1927-2004) propulsive polyrhythmic power house drummer, major band


            Jimmy Heath, multi-woodwind instrumentalist, composer/arranger/educator

            Frank Paul, retired teacher/counselor - CPFJ volunteer

            Bunny Hottenstein, educator - CPFJ volunteer


2005    Percy Heath (1923 - 2005) bass/piccolo bass

            One of the finest ensemble players of his generation long time member of the Modern

            Jazz Quartet and Tuskegee Airman

Joe Diorio, innovative guitarist/teacher/author -- co-founder of Guitar Institute of Technology in California

Mike Binsky, jazz promoter/organizer

2006   Johnny Frigo, vital violinist/consummate composer/prolific poet/wonderful wit

           John Hicks (1941-2006) powerful and perceptive pianist, perfect as a leader or accompanist

           Valery Ponomarev, the trumpet jazz messenger from Russia and long-time friend

           Wilma Soliday, professional temperament, dedicated and inspiring volunteer


2007   Clark Terry, (born 12-14-1920 in St. Louis, MO), nicknamed Mumbles, is one of America's most notable swing and bop trumpeters, a pioneer of the flugelhorn in jazz, an educator and a NEA Jazz Master.

            Michael Brecker (3/29/49 - 1/13/07) was born in Philadelphia and exposed to jazz at an early age by his pianist father. Acknowledged as "a quiet, gentle musician widely regarded as the most influential tenor saxophonist since John Coltrane". Mr. Brecker won 13 Grammys as both a performer and a composer.

            Don Sendi, a long-standing CPFJ member, has generously served CPFJ in many capacities: President, Treasurer, Nominations Chair, Marketing Chair and all-around solid supporter.

      Rosemary Light, premier CPFJ Office Volunteer, has provided invaluable services carrying out necessary if 'hum- drum' tasks with great good cheer and a professional's efficiency.

        Dave Lazorcik, hired as CPFJ's 3rd Executive Director in 1993, saw the organization through to February 2007 with a dedication to jazz that is hard to parallel. He was responsible for so much of CPFJ's success over the past years.